Patrick Moreau November 6, 2019

Kevlar 3D printing Denver latest news. 3D printing is a relatively new technique in the manufacturing world. Let’s start with some examples, focusing on 3D printing applications in the modern world.

As a futuristic concept, 3D printing is being studied as a technology for constructing extraterrestrial habitats, such as habitats on the Moon or Mars. It has been proposed, using building-construction 3D printer technology, fabricating lunar building structures with enclosed inflatable habitats for housing human occupants inside the hardshell lunar structures. These habitats would need only ten percent of the structure to be transported from Earth, using local raw lunar materials for the other 90 percent of the structure.

See that grey piece in the spine that doctor is holding? That’s a 3D printed vertebra. Not just for fun – like an actual vertebra that’s going to into an actual person’s spine. That person is Minghao, who was discovered to have a rare bone cancer, and a malignant tumor was growing in his second vertebra, so it needed to be replaced. This team of doctors printed him a new one from titanium powder, which is lightweight and sturdy, and its porous structure will help the bones fuse with it over time.

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FDM or FFF printers use a variety of filaments for printing. Material safety for the vast variety of filaments range dramatically. PLA (poly lactic acid), and ABS (Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) are two of the most often used materials for filament-based 3D printers. PLA is a thermoplastic polyester derived from things like cornstarch. It is generally considered to be a fairly safe material to work with and can be used in nearly all environments, keeping in mind that it is always good to have clean air circulating, no matter what material you’re printing.

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