Marie Poppins August 28, 2019

Do you like drinking beer so much that this makes you a huge beer fan wanting to use a beer themed phone case or a beer themed backpack? Did you ever imagined that there are online shops focused on Beer Gifts ? Craft Beer Art project is one (maybe one of the very few) of them, themed in providing unique, custom artwork beer themed gifts and accessories.

What can you buy on the Craft Beer Art project ? Some of the things there are so wild that probably you never tought they exist. Like blankets with custom design based on beer labels. In fact, everything for sale there is based on real, existing beer labels. Would you like to go to the beach with a beer themed beach towel ? They exist there! Do you like spending time doing puzzles? Why not doing a beer themed puzzle? You can also find beer themed stickers, pet beds, materials, posters and more.

In addition to selling beer themed crafted works of art they try to create the first museum dedicated to the preserving and celebrating the history and impact of art on the beer industry. You can help them to achieve this goal by signing their petition or contributing to their cause. Beer lovers and Art lovers can unite to help create something truly awesome!! Sign the petition here: Create an art of beer museum!

Let’s see what kind of beer labels are used while doing a short overview of the best beer brands in the world. Brasserie de Rochefort Trappistes Rochefort 10 possesses a thick, frothy character, with sedimentary accents that seem to take command of your glass rather than simply fill it. The cacophony of aromas is mesmerizing and occupies virtually the entire spectrum from fruity to spicy with discrete remnants of the barrel-aged woods that gave it birth. It’s the kind of brew that slowly transforms as it warms with the malt taking on different personalities. In the running for best beer to drink. ABV 11.3%

Where do we hope to find the most beer fans ? Some cities are known as beer cities and here is one of them. Not to be outdone by bigger cities on the coasts, Grand Rapids calls itself “Beer City, USA” and makes good on the title. Founders Brewing may have put it on the map (aided by nearby Bell’s in Kalamazoo), but this western Michigan spot has taken the title and run with it, with more than 80 breweries in the area. Despite being housed in a former funeral home, Brewery Vivant is very much alive with flavorful farmhouse ales. Find their “Plein de Vie” wild-fermented ales, bourbon barrel-aged seasonal options, and year-round offerings like the Hop Field IPA with Michigan hops in this historic East Hills location. Over on the West Side and also repurposing an old community space — this time a firehouse — is the original location of rapidly expanding brewery, The Mitten. Baseball fans will appreciate the clever puns of many of the beer names, from the League of Their Own blonde ale to the raspberry and hibiscus sour Rose Canseco.